Spirit Group and Scrappy Appearance Request

Please submit appearance requests at least two weeks prior to the event. We will do our best to fulfill your request.

For all new requests as of September 1, 2016, there will be a fee for Scrappy appearances. UNT departments are free. The cost will be $50 for the first hour and $30 for every hour after that for any entities outside UNT. Exceptions from the appearance fee may be considered for non-profits and select others by emailing tracy.frier@unt.edu. 

Scrappy requests are limited to 1 hour for both on-campus and off-campus requests. Exceptions will be approved by emailing tracy.frier@unt.edu

Any non UNT entities requesting spirit are limited to a 30-45 mile travel radius from Denton unless the requester is providing transportation or mileage reimbursement.