2020-2021 ACCESS Student Mentee Application

Background Information

The ACCESS Mentoring Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to connect with a member of UNT’s faculty or staff as well as a peer mentor. Your faculty or staff mentor will serve as a guide and resource to you over the next academic school year.

Your Faculty/Staff Mentor will: 

  • Assist you in setting goals to achieve academic and personal success
  • Contact you a minimum four times a semester
  • Serve as point of support throughout the semester
  • Engage you in topics of discussion that will aid you throughout the year
  • Share with you their experiences and provide advice as needed
  • Have fun with you!

Your Peer Mentor will:

  • Assist new students in getting acclimated to campus life
  • Help students understand the many resources available to them
  • Host programs and events for students in the ACCESS Mentoring Program
  • Support students through on-going, group and/or one-on-one meetings
  • Host programs and events for students in the ACCESS Mentoring Program

Mentees are expected to: 

  • Make a one year commitment to ACCESS mentoring program
  • Respond to emails and contact from mentor in a timely manner
  • Interact with your mentor a minimum three times a semester
  • Be receptive to the information and resources given to you
  • Attend any other arranged meetings with mentor throughout the year
  • Attend mentor/mentee group events and program recognition events, as available

If you have any questions email Aundrea.Caraway@unt.edu

First Name
Last Name
Student ID Number

8 digit number
Student EUID Number

Email Address
Phone Number
T Shirt Size
Dietary Restrictions and Accommodation Requests